Aids Prevention Slogans

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Who doesn’t shiver when they hear the word called Aids, especially when someone they know is diagnosed with it? Well, aids disease is no longer a big surprise in this world but still, lots of people who suffer aids are still treated unfairly. Sometimes people with aids are not the one to blame because they may get affected by the virus without them even knowing. There are many innocent people who get aids, for example the baby whose mother is diagnosed with aids.

There are many other people out there who are diagnosed with aids but should we keep treating them inappropriately? We should actually start preventing aids because preventing is always easier than curing. Whatever the reason is, it’s you yourself who will suffer when you get aids so you better be careful and have some protection to prevent yourself from being affected with aids. People start to create the aids prevention slogans massively, they even do the campaign for them in a special day dedicated for people with aids.

The aids prevention slogans are appeared on the street to support those with aids. The virus should be terminated, not the people who suffer it. So stop treating them inappropriately because they are just human, like us.

1) AIDS – the gift that keeps on giving!
2) AIDS – the deadly disease, with a funny name!
3) AIDS – You Only Live Once
4) AIDS – If it’s good enough for Magic Johnson, it’s good enough for me!
5) AIDS – Scaring teenagers out of sex since 1982!

6) AIDS is far more than a health crisis. It is a threat to development itself.”Koffi Annan

7) “Children who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS are not only just as deserving of an education as any other children, but they may need that education even more. Being part of a school environment will prepare them for the future, while helping to remove the stigma and discrimination unfortunately associated with AIDS.”
— Harry Belafonte